Save Money Effortlessly with These 6 Genius Apps

Track expenses, spend less and sock away $ with ease.


Track Your Spending

Spendee Tap “add new,” enter the amount spent (or a photo of your receipt) and choose a category, such as bills, car or food and drink. Spendee will build some slick-looking graphs and pie charts that allow you to see where your money is going—a critical first step for better budgeting. Android and iOS, free

Level Money Connect your bank accounts and credit cards to the app, then enter your income, recurring bills and the amount you wish to save every month. Level Money crunches the numbers and calculates your daily, weekly and monthly spending budget. Android and iOS, free

Go the Extra Mile

Clarity Money After you link your checking, savings, credit card and investment accounts, the app uses artificial intelligence to analyze your income and spending patterns. Next, it presents doable money-saving suggestions, such as negotiating with your current service providers to take advantage of special offers or identifying services you are no longer using (but still paying for) and offering to cancel them. iOS only, free except for bill-lowering feature

Build Your Savings

Digit Setting aside a little cash here and there is easier said than done, so let Digit take over. Every few days it analyzes your checking account transactions and finds small amounts to transfer to an FDIC-insured Digit account. “This is a great set-it-and-forget-it tool for people who have trouble socking away money,” says Andrea Woroch, a consumer and money-saving expert. Android and iOS, first 100 days free, $3 per month thereafter

Unsplurge Every time you stash some cash toward a goal of your choosing, log it on the app and monitor your progress. Fellow Unsplurgers can offer encouragement, and you can do the same—just tap the “Town” tab to see how they’re doing. iOS, free

Go the Extra Mile

Acorns Linked with your debit and credit cards, this app rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar. Depending on how much risk you’re willing to assume, it then puts the “change” into a diversified investment portfolio. Android and iOS, $1 per month for accounts under $5,000

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ALERT! With credit card fraud and data breaches becoming increasingly commonplace, it pays to have an extra set of eyes on your plastic. Prosper Daily monitors your accounts and sends instant notifications of any questionable charges (for instance, if a purchase is made outside of your general area, based on your phone’s location) or potential errors like double billing. Android and iOS, free